Welcome to AliSka world 

 AliSka is an artistic name of avant garde textile designer and artist Maria Zverin. Maria graduated from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in 2011, with honors. She creates unconventional knitted garments and art objects, which are not based on the traditional pattern-cutting approach. Due to the combination of yarns of different qualities and colors the textiles possess variable densities and transparencies. All the garments have exclusive textures and shapes and these unique qualities set AliSka apart from others. Some pieces are one of a kind in the world, and are between fashion and art. Maria is totally involved both in creative and technical process.
One of the most important aspects of her work is recycling and sustainability. She utilizes ready-made objects to create new diverse pieces.


2010 till today Maria is senior lecturer at Shenkar
2011, 2012 - Group exhibition of Avant Garde dresses, Tel Aviv Museum
2012 - presentation of innovative knitting method, Weizmann Institute of Science
2012 - group exhibition , Nirale Gallery, Israel
2014 - International designer at the Yarn Company, New York
2017 - "Following the Sun" solo exhibition, Periscope Gallery, Tel Aviv
2018 - "Bein LeVein" Group exhibition, Periscope Gallery, Tel Aviv
2018 - "Distortion" Group Exhibition, Vitrina Gallery, Holon Institute of Technology
2019 - "HaHava" Gallery, Holon, Group Exhibition
2019 - Milan Design Week, Group Exhibition


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